March’s New shipment of Supply

So guess what was waiting for me at the dinning room table when I got home this evening? My books from Amazon .com ! Most girls I know spent their “dough” on clothes or makeup, I kinda just invest mine into books so I am pretty excited about what I will be reading for the month of March:

The Bite of the Mango

By Mariatu Kamara with Susan McClelland

The Girl who Chased the Moon

By Sarah Addison Allen

and Finally, You might be a Zombie and other Bad News from the editors of ( curtsey of one of my beloved roomies )

My taste may seem a little playfully diverse but I aways find that with a good book in hand, it helps me to escape the cold winter even if it’s just temporally because it will lead me to dive into a new world and hopefully a new season :>


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5 Responses to March’s New shipment of Supply

  1. Most people… ARE you refering to me??

  2. hxd015 says:

    haha, I was referring to the general population of female consumers, but hey, if you want to claim that title , be my guest :>

  3. ecetto says:

    So , did you read any of these books? 😛 let me know if any of them are good !

  4. hxd015 says:

    So, the only book of the list I managed to actually finished this month is the one from I don’t know what this says about me : ) lol

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