Spring Break …is HERE !

My Spring Break has just began and here is my List of things to do during it :

  1. Sleep in …Zzzzz
  2. Go to the Turkish Embassy to get my Visa ( Vital component for my 2011-summer trip to Istanbul)
  3. Finish my assignment for Recreational Reading ( yes, I know! Who knew those two delightful words can ever be combined in the same sentence let along have an entire semester dedicated to it )
  4. Bake some Banana Bread and Cupcakes in anticipating of…
  5. Baby-sitting a super adorable and slightly princessy 5-year old
  6. Teach my roommates how to make Sushi : >
  7. Try to find the Deluxe Twilight Zone DVD collection at HMV
  8. Find a way to fix the DDR Mat..some how 😦
  9. Get to know my Mac a little better. I can’t help but miss my PC once a while.
  10. Chill with the homies, yo!

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Ottawa-based LifeStyle Blogger
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2 Responses to Spring Break …is HERE !

  1. Peter says:


    “Teach my roommates (and Peter) how to make Sushi : >”


  2. hxd015 says:

    You are going to have to wait for my next post :p

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