How to make Chinese Candied Fruit Kabob! :)

So a couple weeks ago my dad and I decided to make some Chinese Fruit Kabobs and even though officially, the Chinese New year has already passed..these Kabobs still make a delicious and festival treat!

1) Step 1, prepare some fresh fruit ! ( we used some Chinese thornapple since that is the tradition choice for Candied Fruit Kabob but any small to medium size fruit such as grapes, strawberries, kiwis or oranges will be just fine)

2) Arrange the fruits and place them on some kabob sticks ! Make sure the fruit are arranged closely so they stick together because that is key for later on .

3) Prepare a few cups of brown sugar( Sorry, dad doesn’t believe in exact measurements) and caramelize the sugar by boiling it in water in a large pot ( make sure to stir the pot thoroughly to create a consistent texture without overcooking the brown sugar).

4) Ladies and gentlemen: Sugar-coat you Kabobs please 🙂 Dip and coat the fruit Kabobs that has been prepped already with the caramelized brown sugar to form a thin layer of coat around the fruits.

5) Place your candied fruit kabobs in the freezer for 2-3 hours and Voila !


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10 Responses to How to make Chinese Candied Fruit Kabob! :)

  1. amandakait says:

    We need to have a house cooking session and make these!

  2. Hang Nguyen says:

    It looks so good. But where can i buy the Chinese thornapple? im living in the u.s though =D

    • hxd015 says:

      Hello Hang,
      I live in Canada and we have this SuperStore call T & T which is a chain of mega grocery stores that caters towards asian food. I am not too sure about the States but I think your best bet might be ChinaTown?

      Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Josh says:

    I was searching on the web for how to make these (because my family came from Taiwan and I get them every time I visit) and I came across this post. It’s wonderful. Thanks! I can’t wait to try!!

    • hxd015 says:

      Hi Josh!
      Good luck! I am sure yours will turn out yummy!
      I actually love Taiwanese culture greatly! It’s one of my dream in life to go to a Taiwannese night market and sample some classic local dish such as stinky tofu. Hehe

  4. Iris says:

    im chinese, and i love those things!!! (i never knew what they were called until now…) 🙂

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  6. manshu says:

    Hi! I really love these little caramelized apples! I would put the plant in my garden and I found your page searching the name of the plant. I’m searching “chinese thornpapple” on google but I think it’s the wrong name… The plant would be a “rosaceae” family and a “melinae” subtribe I think… Do you know the chinese name?

  7. manshu says:

    I found it! “rataegus pinnatifida var. major” , Hawthorn `Mao Mao`.
    When my plant give me some fruit I’ll try you recipe!!!! Thank you very much!!! 🙂

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